Saturday, February 5, 2011

That Book With the Turtles

I have a fondness for collecting old dog training books full of advice that I have zero intention of taking.

Beyond Basic Dog Training
It's the one with the turtles!

Game Dog
I do wish this guy had more descriptive titles for his books.

Training Your Dog - Volhard
Hey, Volhard! I bet this one isn't totally useless.

Dog Handling & Judging
Oh, these look kind of useful too!

I bought a dSLR this weekend (got a REALLY good deal on craigslist) so hopefully I'll have some more pictures to share with you.

White Unbalanced
It's good to know that I can manage to mangle white balance on a $400 camera.


  1. I have a few of those titles in my collection, plus some more!
    I will pretty much buy any dog book that I find second hand in an op shop or similar.

    "Beyond Basic Dog Training" is the book that started me into dog training (though it's no where near how I train now), and I haven't quite got to the dog judging books yet!

  2. I like old books. And you really need to post more about your new boy. I mean come on you've given us nothing!

  3. I got all these for $35 at a Pet Expo. I love reading them, it's interesting to see what is in response to each other. It always makes me sort of which I had kennels and kennels of dogs to train though, a part of me would love to have a string of dogs to "train through the ages," so to speak.