Monday, February 7, 2011

More Marsh + Contest

For a while now, I've been looking for a dSLR to take better pictures of dogs (also, knitting, but that's outside the scope of this blog). My problem was always budget, I need another hobby like I need another dog (desperately, but HOLY SMOKES would that be a bad idea), and good cameras get very expensive, very fast. So when a Nikon D40 with zoom lens (55-200mm VR), bag, and 1gb memory card popped up on craigslist, well, I made a rash decision.

And I love it!

Most of my pictures are still blurry, but they're better blurry pictures and I'm getting better at using it. My friend Erin-with-the-Aussies showed me what aperture and shutter speed and ISO are and how to change them and already I'm getting more shots in focus. Pre-lesson I shot 700 pictures at the Milwaukee Pet Expo and kept under 100, tossing out anything that was so blurry you couldn't see anything expect waves of light on a muddy brown background, and post-lesson I took 200 and kept more than half!

So, what you really care about, pictures of the boys (I really, really love using the plural!):

I love these two. The one of the Gipper is my new computer background.
Bite your FACE.
Aunt The Nun with Marsh
I love how pink he looks in these pictures.
I told you he was a beautifully built dog.
A great mover, too.
Oh, yes, does he move.

Oh, yes! Contest! See, now that Marsh is here, Greenlight Gatsby doesn't really cut it. It's not fair, right? This blog needs a new name! And gosh darnit, all this photography has just sapped my wells of creativity. So starting today to Midnight February 28, leave a comment with a new blog name and in March I'll pick a new one.

Wow, the chance to name a blog! That's very exciting!



I have a copy of "The ABC's of Behavior Shaping" with Ted Turner (see second video here) for the winner. It's quite good, not a ton of new information if you're reasonably clicker/shaping savvy, and it's a little dated, but Ted Turner is engaging and it's a fun watch.

WOW, a blog name AND a DVD? I can't wait to submit ideas!!!

Multiple submissions ARE allowed.


  1. Yay for pictures of the toller! he really is handsome. I am not creative so I got nothing. But you can still entertain me by actually writing about how Marsh is doing!

  2. Hi reagan! Yay to new camera's and I totally agree with the problem of too many hobbies!LOL But when you have subjects like Marsh and Gatsby how can you NOT take pics of them???;)

    Marsh is a gorgeous boy and are those eyelashes on Gatsby for real?? Cause that is unbelievable!

    Thanks so much for the great tip about testing the levels. We are cruising through it now, I am shocked at how much they actually know and I was holding them back-ugg.:) Can't wait for Sue's new book.

    Looking forward to more pics of the boys!

  3. I've been thinking about a camera too - your pix are looking great!

    Oh - a contest! Well, first thought is Green Marsh. (but then, what if you get another dog?)

    Or Paws & Fur
    Or Schnauoller

    thx for commenting about the education methods issue. There are huge fallouts with some of the rigid methods & yes, I think there's a lot of crossover with dogs & kids.

    After all, Karen Pryor's Don't Shoot the Dog is in the La Leche League parenting library .... :-)

  4. You've got beautiful doggies. Being a miniature schnauzer I'm partial, of course!

    I have a great blog I'd love for you to check out, It's a wonderful place for pet bloggers to find each other.

    Nubbin wiggles,