Monday, September 13, 2010

Upcoming Events

Sept 11-12: GSD Specialty in Big Bend, WI with Jackie and Erin from
Status: Completed and awesome. Meeting internet people in real life is always stressful (because everyone on the internet is a 40 year old man who wants to rape and axe-murder you, dontcha know), but it was a really good experience. I pet dogs, judged ringside (always a fun game) and was outraged at judging inside the ring, and learned I am no where near fit enough to show dogs, let alone run agility. In my defense, I would like to point out I had a major health crisis this summer in which the words "almost died" were thrown about. So, yeah. Excuses.

Sept 17-19: ASCA Stock, Conformation, and Agility Trial hosted by the Rock River Valley Australian Shepherd Club in Saukville, WI
Status: Upcoming and pending. Camping with Erin and her dogs, because I love to camp. I might take Gatsby, it should be a smaller trial and spread out enough that he's not constantly brain-mush. Maybe he'll even, gasp, relax once in a while. Longshot, I know. But it's a good chance to expose him to some things, I think, and it's close enough that I can always take him home if it's too much.

Sept 22-26: NSDTR-USA 2010 National Specialty in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Status: I have to order food! Hotel is reserved, itinerary is printed out, boarding for the Gatz is booked. I am stoked. We're making a family trip out of it, Aunt and Grandmother are going to go gamble while I ogle dogs and network and try not to make an obnoxious ass out of myself.

Dec 4-5: Winnegamie Dog Club Novice Agility Trial in Menasha, WI
Status: Oh doG please let us be ready. I want to trial SO BAD, but there is SO FAR to go. Anyone have a 2x2 weaves DVD they aren't using? A dog with the ability to think continuously about something for more than five seconds?


  1. Hey, it looks like you live in my general area. I'm in St. Paul. :)

  2. You're going to the Toller specialty!!!!! I live in Minneapolis and will be taking the gang on Thursday. Vito is going to be doing everything that thursday, most for the 1st time! We will likely be going to hang out and watch for a bit on sat and sun too. I would love to meet you.

  3. @Crystal- Very general, yes. I stay mostly in Southeast Wisconsin, but... TOLLERS! It was so close, I just couldn't say no.

    @Laura- Awesome! I'm super nervous, I don't know anyone and am basically going by myself. And, "I read your blog on the internet" is at least a little better ;) I'll be sure to find you!