Sunday, September 5, 2010

In Which the Government Buys Me a Puppy

Do you know what day Friday was?

Student refund check day!

I have some unique circumstances which results in enough financial aid to cover my entire tuition (and yes, I know how amazingly lucky I am, and here's an internet shoutout to the spectacular people who support ,e while I languish in undergrad) and since I moved back home to take care of Gatsby, the money that would go toward my room & board gets refunded.

Friday afternoon I opened a savings account for my puppy fund. This is real, folks. :)

Although most of it is going to pay for the exorbitant medical bills I incurred this summer (good health insurance is a MUST, people), there's some "play" money left over which I'm going to use to start building a grooming kit.

Who knew Dremels were carpentry tools, not specifically manufactured for grinding dog nails?

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  1. I knew! It was totally weird going to Lowe's to see that there were heads (bits?) for the Dremel that were not for grinding nails.