Monday, July 19, 2010

Level Two - Distance

07/19/10 two foot length 20 17 85%

20 -
only offered clockwise direction? Circled behind. Sluggish.

10 10 100% Dropped # of reps, got better response

toes 20 15 75% Added cue “Get By,” pole back to toes

10 8 80%

10 9 90%

support at toes 10 9 90%

foot length in front of toes 10 9 90% poor handling, water break

two foot length 10 5 50%

10 7 70% asking for too much, stick to the plan

10 -
ended on 3rd or so rep, GOOD response, ended w/ jackpot

Good morning, internet! After a warm up, Gatsby seemed to be waiting for direction (and truth be told his heart really wasn't in it) and we were at about the distance this level requires so I decided to add a cue. I dropped the difficulty back to the beginning and added the cue as he started the turn. Click came as he finished it (so pi/2 radians between cue and click). My handling was kinda iffy on some parts, but not my worst. Mostly I was pushing for too much too fast. Like asking he return to heel and wait for the send. WTF did I do that? He's barely ever heard the word heel. But we got a lot done for so early in the morning, and I got caught up on Fullmetal Alchemist.

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