Monday, September 14, 2009

We had an awesome weekend. Friday night we hung out with Nikki and Abbey, whom Gatz just adores, before I snuck him into my dorm room because we had to be up and on campus early Saturday morning. He didn't really like that much, too many people walking past my window and he was sort of growly. It was too close a call to try again, and I didn't get much sleep keeping him quiet.

But Saturday was great! My student group ran a water table for a small bike race that was coming by, and he was just so good. There were a bunch of little kids, under fives, and he was just a doll. All four feet on the ground, minimal licking, super friendly, just excellent. So proud of him. Later that day we went to a street fair (from which the bikers had come) and he got a doggie ice cream. Big fan of that; I think it's just frozen peanut butter. After that we went to the dog park where I threw frisbees to myself since he was having none of that.
Sunday was the first class of intermediate obedience I was able to go to (the first lesson was the week before labor day; I couldn't make it because of school so Deb took him). I'm not going to lie, he's not quite at the level of the other dogs (so disctractable!). He did really really good though. He has such a joyful recall that I'm thrilled about. Stays are getting better, though he did keep popping out of his down stay. Loose leash walking still needs work, and that is totally my fault for being lazy about it. We started heel work and automatic sits. I'm actually really pleased with how that started.

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  1. Training classes are so much fun. I'm thinking about taking Marge back to a beginner class just so she can work around other dogs and people.

    Glad you had a good weekend!