Saturday, September 12, 2009

Playing Catch-up (Among other games)

Sorry it's been a while! Not for lack of things happening, because a lot has been going on.

When we last left Gatsby, he was run down and expecting company (that weekend was my 21st birthday). I am pleased to report that by the time the party arrived, he was feeling much better! He got some wild rice and chicken soup and perked right up. When my ENTIRE FAMILY showed up at the door, what can I count on my little guy to do? Growl his little heart out, of course. I don't know what he's expecting to do, since he still crawls up to whoever he's growling at, wagging his tail. Literally every single person I am biologically related to was in the room at one point. Granted, there's five of them, but it still. They are also not "dog people." (Although my cousin has a malti-poo, which is a rant for another time.) He was much better when friends of ours came over though, who are dog people and had a brittany that just died a few years ago. They brought him toys too, which helped. Including a frisbee! More on that later.

And then Gatsby found the balloons.

The weekend was hard, we out running around most of the time so he didn't get much attention. That Sunday (the week before Labor Day) I moved back to school. Gatsby got to come along, and hang out with my student group during a carnival for the end of New Student Orientation. He was pooped that night! Which was good, because the next week was awful.

School kind of exploded. I work on campus, and there have been some reorganization such that every minute I was not in class that first week, I was working. Luckily it's calmed down since then, but I still didn't even get home to Gatsby until Thursday. My aunt was able to let him out and take him to the dog park.

Labor Day. My aunt's best friend was having a birthday party in Chicago that Saturday. Gatsby came with us, since Sunday we were going to the Earthdog Trial sponsored by the Madison Dachshund Club. Can I just say, they are excellent. I had nothing but a positive experience from the people. In Gatsby, however, I was a little disappointed.

In hindsight, I really should not have been surprised. My dog does not like to walk on tile what was I thinking he would go in a small dark tunnel. He was interested in the rat, he just didn't want to go the right way to get to it. I'm not sure if we'll try again, maybe if there is an event closer. I can't tell if he just doesn't like it or didn't get the game. The other dogs there were mostly dachshunds and border terriers (from the Great Lakes Border Terrier Club), but there were a few other miniature schnauzers there. Actual minis, which showed just how giant mine is comapred to them. I'm happy he's bigger though, he's a great size for me.

This past week was better. Work is calming down, and I have a nice hour and a half break on Tuesday/Thursday when we have time for a run to the dog park, and a shorter one MWF when I can jet home for a couple minutes to play.

And what have we been playing lately? FRISBEE! Well, "disc" if you want to be technical. I love playing frisbee. Love love love it. Since Earthdog does not seem to be our thing, I'm trying disc with him. It's trying. As with everything, he's great at it indoors, interested in the disc and going after rollers most of the time, but forget it outside. There are Smells. These are more important than your stupid piece of plastic.

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