Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Commands For Agility

BINGO - Release
GO - Drive forward on your path, taking any obstacle directly in your path
COME - Turn towards me and drive to my front
HERE - Move laterally towards me, taking an obstacle on my side if there is a choice
OUT - Move laterally away from me, taking an obstacle away from me if there is a choice
SWITCH - Change leads to curl towards me, rear cross
FLIP - Change leads to curl away from me

WALK IT - A-Frame, Dogwalk
TIP IT- Teeter
STICK IT - two on, two off
SPOT - Table with auto down
TUNNEL - Tunnel
CHUTE - Chute
WEAVE - Weave poles


  1. Whoa, that's a nice list, Raegan! I'm stealing your release word, if you don't mind. ;-D

  2. Thank you! I stole the release word from someone on the internet and it makes me laugh. I like that it ends in -GO so it feels like it imparts that momentum to the dog.